Ingenuity Systems Announces Awardees of Grant Program

Ingenuity Systems announced the six winners of the Ingenuity Grant Program on Tuesday. We received an overwhelming number of proposals and it was extremely difficult to choose the top six. The grants were reviewed by an internal and external panel of distinguished scientists.  The winning grants were focused on the analysis and interpretation of ‘omics data combined with the use of IPA and/or Variant Analysis.

Winners received either a limited IPA license or sample(s) analysis with Variant Analysis.

The six winners represent top institutions worldwide:

  • Dr. William Doybns, Seattle Children’s Research Institute
  • Dr. Hans Knoblauch, Charité Medical Facility
  • Dr. Richard McCombie, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Dr. Helen Rizos, University of Sydney
  • Dr. Viven Sheehan, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Dr. Levant Sipahi, Wayne State University School of Medicine

All of the grant topics applied to a wide spectrum of research confirming the widespread use of Ingenuity products. Click here to learn more about the winners.

If you missed your chance to apply to this grant program, we will be running another grant program in the second half of the year.