Identify the Disease-Causing Variant To Win an iPad!

Enter to win an iPad by using Ingenuity Variant Analysis to rapidly identify the causal variant in a clinical case study, with human resequencing data provided by Complete Genomics.

Participate in the Case of the Month Challenge where you can experience how the combined workflow of Complete Genomics sequencing services and Ingenuity Systems new Variant Analysis™ software combine to provide a knowledge-driven path from human genomic data to the rapid identification of causal variants.

What is the Case of the Month Challenge?

  1. Win an iPadA clinical case study is provided, including phenotypic data.
  2. Complete Genomics provides whole human genome sequence data from the case subject, generated from Complete Genomics’ sequencing service.
  3. Ingenuity Systems provides Variant Analysis – an intuitive web application that prioritizes millions of variants and helps you rapidly identify those that are most likely to be biologically significant.
  4. You use Variant Analysis to apply a series of biological filters to determine the causal variant!

All correct entries submitted will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a new Apple iPad.

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