High School Student, Natalie Ng, using IPA to compete in National Science Fair

It recently came to our attention that a local Bay Area high school student, Natalie Ng, had used IPA to conduct research for her project for the National Science Fair.  We were very impressed and couldn’t wait to find out more!

Natalie kindly offered to present her research (Interrogation of Cancer: Development of a Novel Biomarker Discovery Tool to Identify Clinical Signatures from Statistically Deconvoluted Expressions) this last week at Ingenuity’s headquarters in Redwood City.  Natalie is using IPA to analyze the cell-type biomarkers and disease-related genes from her breast cancer study.  She plans on furthering her research with IPA by discovering novel biologically relevant pathways from her breast cancer gene expression data and will keep us posted on her findings.

Natalie Ng is currently a sophomore at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA became interested in bioinformatics last year.  As part of an internship, Natalie worked with Professor Peter Lee and Dr. Neta Zuckerman, of Stanford University and City of Hope Hospital to help develop a biomarker discovery tool around cancer.

Natalie’s research is focused on development of a novel biomarker discovery tool to be used with an automated statistical deconvolution procedure for gene expression analysis of heterogeneous tumor samples.  She successfully identified cell type biomarkers which are used to provide biologically relevant information about clinically significant cancer studies, including information on whether or not a patient is likely to relapse or not.  She also used statistical methods to analyze these clinical tumor samples to identify genes related to breast cancer.

Synopsys Championship – Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association – https://sites.google.com/site/synopsyschampionship/

Information about IPA and Biomarkers – http://ingenuity.com/products/ipa-biomarker.html

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