Checking in with Natalie Ng

NatalieNgLast November, we posted a short interview with Natalie Ng, a local Bay Area high school student and 2012 summer intern here at QIAGEN Redwood City.  By any measure, Natalie has accomplished a lot.  And we are pleased to report that she is still wowing award judges and making progress on her research.

In just the past year, Natalie has added to her list of accomplishments: first place at both the 2013 International BioGENEius Competition and the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineer Fair (ISEF); regional finalist at the 2013 Google Science Fair; and, she was recently awarded a $25,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship for her work in breast cancer research; a project she worked on with us.  (Natalie was recently profiled on the local Bay Area NBC affiliate news station about her Davidson scholarship; you can view the video here.)

Natalie’s research has focused on the development and validation of miRNA-based prognostic signatures that could be used to develop new diagnostic tools for breast cancer.  Already, she has developed two prognostic models which predict metastasis in breast cancer, as well as identified two miRNAs that independently impact the ability of breast cancer cells to metastasize.

When she graduates from High School in the San Francisco Bay Area, she hopes to attend Stanford University or MIT where she’d like to continue this important research and pursue a double major in computer science and a biological science discipline.

Many are struck by her age (she’s just 17), but what has captured our attention is the passionate, enthusiastic and creative energy she brings (everyday!) to her interest and pursuit of science. It’s inspiring!  We are very proud to call Natalie our friend and colleague and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.