An IPA User’s Before and After Story

Dr. Hatirnaz was a randomly selected winner of an Apple iPad2, which she received for responding to an Ingenuity survey.  Dr. Hatirnaz recently shared with us the challenges she has faced in interpreting microarray data prior to using IPA, and the benefits that IPA has brought to her research.

Özden Hatirnaz is a Ph.D. student at Istanbul University’s Institute for Experimental Medicine Research (DETAE).  She recently shared with us her experience in attempting to understand the meaning of her microarray data prior to using IPA.

“My thesis topic is “Whole Genome Expression Analysis in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL)”.  I have performed microarray analysis to T-ALL samples and healthy thymic cell subgroups that represent the different stages of T-cell development in the thymus.  After obtaining first group of data I have spent hours in front of the computer trying to understand what all those numbers mean and how to use them.  In couple of days I was able to get a heat map out of my data junk and had first ideas about the genes I was interested.  From the heat map, I was trying to figure out the expression values of the members of my target pathway and labeling them up or down regulated on a piece of paper.

‘There should be a better way to do this,’ I was thinking, when my supervisor told me about a program he had heard of called “Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, IPA”.  You load your expression values and select the pathways you would like to analyze, and here they are with all the members, with exact locations inside the cell, with their related proteins and with their expression values.

IPA helped me to reach the data not only about one gene but also the genes that are related to our target gene and related pathways.  With the huge amount of data I have, I can go to my analysis anytime I want and search for other targets and their relations with my genes of interest.  I feel lucky to get to know this program and I am sure there is still more tools in the program that I did not have chance to use yet.”

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